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The CSRA is proud to welcome Pollution Solution, Inc. as a Founding Platinum Skateholder Sponsor. Their commitment to CSR practices both environmentally and on a social level is a corporate priority to the company, ownership and their employees.

PSI's mission is to provide effective and affordable storm drain filtration / sediment control solutions. PSI's products are proven and accepted by many municipalities and private sector markets. Our products are designed to meet Erosion Control / SWPPP requirements while providing affordable and effective tools for site management.

Our offices and production facilities are located in the heart of California, a benchmark state for many of the nations standards. As the storm water filtration and protection industry grows, we continue to provide flexible solutions based on sound research and testing. We follow all developments in Federal, State and local legislation's and work hard to integrate environmental concerns. PSI is able to ship our product all across North America.

PSI Products

Curb Inlet Filter

The Curb Inlet Filter makes protecting curb opening inlets effective and easy. At 72" in length, the Curb Inlet Filter is longer than most single curb openings and can be joined in succession, with provided couplers, to cover any length curb opening storm drain. providing complete inlet coverage.


YellowJacket Drain Inlet Filter

Finally, a drain inlet filter that is affordable and simple to install and maintain.


The yellow webbing secures the filter to the grate and doubles as lifting straps to quickly and easily remove the filter, grate and all, for easy cleaning. YellowJackets are designed to accommodate rectangular inlets as well as square and round drains.

4 sizes to choose from: 2'x2' • 2'x3' • 2'x4' • 3'x4'

Now comes standard with foam back blocker!

Also available is an optional oil absorbing pillow.

Silt Sifter® Bag

Silt Sifter® Bag is the ultimate solution! The patented dual-component, bag within a bag design, Silt Sifter® Bag is the original cushioned sediment control device incorporating materials specifically chosen for both filtration and high-flow performance. Built to last!


Squared on one end to better hug the curb, the Silt Sifter® Bag comes either pre-filled with 30 lbs. of 1" natural rock or empty. The sewn-in Heavy Duty 2" Velcro enclosure makes it a snap to fill and provides a solid barrier to prevent any rock from escaping making for a cleaner and tidier jobsite.

Patent US 6,905,289

Silt Sifter® Tube

Like the Silt Sifter® Bag, the patented Silt Sifter® Tube is a dual-component sediment control device that is also designed for filtration and high-flow. Built to last!


The Silt Sifter® Tube is quite flexible allowing for more customized protection such as around grated storm drain inlets. An excellent alternative in high traffic areas such as entryways / exits. The applications are unlimited.

Patent US 6,905,289

Solid Frame Storm Drain Inlet Filter

The Solid Frame Filter is an under-grate sediment and debris capturing storm drain filter. Affordable and easy to maintain, the Solid Frame Filter is built to your specifications. Labor time is drastically reduced!


It's durable steel frame design fits most drain inlets and is a reliable and dedicated BMP that can be applied before and during construction phase. Two metal handles are welded across the opening to aid in swift retrieval for quicker maintenance as well as adding additional rigidity to the filter frame.

Also available is an optional oil absorbing pillow.

D-Watering Bag

PSI's own D-Watering Bag is an effective device for separating sediment from pumped water. Made from heavyweight, nonwoven geotextile fabric, the D-Watering Bag filters water diluted by solids and sediment with ease.

3 Sizes To Choose From:

3'x4' • 4'x6' • 6'x9'


The input sleeve is designed to accommodate several hose diameters. Securing the D-Watering Bag to the hose is quick and easy with heavy duty webbing and d-rings sewn to the sleeve. To maintain uniform integrity, each D-Watering Bag is sewn with a 4 thread lockstitch hem and an additional perimeter lockstitch using high strength, marine-rated poly thread.

Check Dam SAND or DURA-Bag

The Check Dam SAND-Bag is a truly unique sediment blocking rock/gravel/sand bag comprised of a tough outer bag, 2 lifting straps and a 2" Heavy Duty Velcro enclosure. The unusual design angles the bag to better retain silt and sediment allowing water to continue its natural path. The lifting straps can be flipped to either side making the Check Dam SAND-Bag very flexible for countless applications.


Above Ground Grated Filter (AGG Filter)

PSI's recent addition to our family of sediment and erosion control devices is the Above Ground Grated Filter (AGG Filter). The AGG Filter is useful in drain inlet protection when an under-grate filter, such as the YellowJacket or Solid Frame Filter is not feasible, such as low temperature regions.

Curb opening model shown

Coming Soon: AGG Filter compatible with flat surface, parking lot style grated inlets.


Utilizing many components of PSI's trusted and proven BMP's, the AGG Filter stands in a class of its own. Solidly sewn on each end of the filter is a 2 ply rock bag with 2" Heavy Duty Velcro enclosures capable of containing up to 30 lbs. of rock each. Incorporated on each end are durable poly webbing straps used to aid in cleaning and positioning the AGG Filter. On opposite leading edges are 2" wide strips of polyethylene plastic that flip up on one side to create a back opening block and lay down on the other side to help maintain the shape and rigidity of the filter. All of these features are seamlessly combined into a one-piece, unique above ground drain inlet filter.

Colorado Wattle - Straw Wattle

Colorado Straw Wattles are man made cylinders of compressed, weed free straw, 9 inches in diameter and 25 feet long. They are encased in High-Density PolyEthylene, photodegradable netting. Colorado Straw Wattle is a leading sediment control BMP (Best Management Practice) that is more durable and lower profile than silt fence as well as a better aesthetic and design value.

•• NOW AVAILABLE: 12" x 20' Straw Wattle ••

Both 9" and 12" can be made to Custom lengths. Call for more details

Made in Colorado using locally grown, weed-free straw.

Available for local pick-up and/or shipping across the U.S.



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